Clovelly Nurseries is an 800 acre farm with 200+ acres of tree production and quality containerized plants. We continue to line out new trees and will have no gaps in our production cycle.

The farm is ideally located to serve markets from Washington, D.C. to Boston. It is excellent from both a horticultural stand point and for logistics and freight savings.

We own our own trucks and do most of our own shipping. This allows us to react quickly to immediate customer needs and to help keep shipping expenses low.

We have very high quality, consistent crops. Our plants have straight leaders and appropriately proportioned heads.

The entire farm is under drip irrigation, and we have a very successful summer dig program.

We offer tree sizes from 2″ caliper to 6″ caliper and a broad line of P&P trees, containerized shrubs and perennials.

Key Facts

Nursery situated on 800 acre riverside farm

Clovelly owns their own trucks and handles most of their own shipping

Centrally situated to serve Boston to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C. markets

We offer high quality consistent plants